I’ve been pretty busy writing and recording podcasts and taking care of all the behind the scenes stuff that’s involved with creating an online presence, while getting ready to go back to work for the time being to support my writing. This has been a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one at this point in time.

Juggling all these things at once, I’m so thankful I just have Life to deal with and not toxic dynamics. It’s hard enough to deal with life’s normal challenges, isn’t it? Than to have to continuously trip over obstacles a supposed partner throws in front of you.

I encourage you to persevere. Even if you’re in the midst of manipulation, head games and gaslighting, and your child or children are in the midst of that too, take a moment… I don’t care how you get it. Claim it, seize it… just take it for yourself. No matter how often or severe the assaults, emotional or psychological, you can stop and remember yourself — why you’re here, who you love and what’s really important through it all.

For me, it used to be in the middle of the night, in the bathroom, looking out over the backyard. No matter how cold it was, I would open the window and deeply inhale the night air, and just drink in that feeling that I actually had a space, my own space… even if was the bathroom in the middle of the night!

Be good to you. You start there, and others will follow. And your kids will love you for it… if not now, because they may be young or unduly influenced, then when they get older and time slowly reveals what they, themselves, are dealing with. It’s amazing what a little shift in perspective can do.

Stay strong and stay true,

Demian aka PhoenixRising

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