Invitation for Authors

Okay, I believe there’s a REAL need for this blog, but I can’t bring myself to post every day. I’ve thought about just taking this blog off the internet, but I know within my heart of hearts there are mothers out there, and fathers, who really need something like this. And I need it. But sometimes, it’s just so hard for me to write here and even read what I’ve written, and then again, I feel like I’m sticking my neck out. Then I get a comment or two, and I’m inspired, and I no longer feel quite like a doe standing out in the middle of a field in hunting season. So here’s the thing. I’m opening this blog up for other authors to post. This way you don’t have to wait for me to make a post. You can just make a post on your own. Anyone who … Continue reading

Registered users

So that people can comment without constantly needing to be approved and to keep spam down to a minimum, I have made it so that you must register to comment. Only your first comment as a registered user will have to be approved by me. This will prevent spam from being automatically posted. After being approved the first time, all of your subsequent comments will be published immediately.

Old Blog Posts Moved Here

Well, I couldn’t wait until this weekend to complete the move over. All the posts that were made at the old blog are now here. I haven’t assigned any tags to them yet, so they’re not searchable in that sense, but I will get to it. The thing is the posts are all on one place now. 🙂 If I have internet this weekend, I’ll make sure to make a new post. Take care of yourself…literally.

Please Forgive Me for Being Absent From Here

I notice that I haven’t been here since February 26th. For my own safety, I have an email account associated with this blog that I do not use for anything else. But I haven’t even checked that account over these past few months, so I never knew of the first time comments that were made and awaiting approval. This is no excuse, but I have to say…and if you’ve ever been involved with one, I’m sure you would understand…that narcissists are absolutely draining. Life sucking, mind numbing draining. Even when you’re divorced from them…even when you maintain absolutely bare bones minimum contact, because it’s impossible to have no contact. Sometimes, I feel if I just ignore him, if I just brush him off when he acts his way and pretend everything is all right, then it will be. I don’t want to look at the poison straight in the face. … Continue reading