Female Narcissist

Post by Alice: The problem with being involved with a narcissist is that their emotional and mental abuse is very hard to prove. It takes years of documentation – tracking their manipulation and inconsistencies – but we are almost there! Narcissists are experts at manipulating information, time frames, and words, and using one’s rationality for their own subversive means. They almost seem sophisticated because they use the right jargon and they play the systems well. You hear your own arguments coming back at you; only decontextualised and warped in some way or another. You find yourself living in a surrealist world where everything is askew, with parameters and boundaries constantly shifting and then being redefined to meet the narcissist’s requirements. Hence, my user name – Alice – here I am, living in a topsy-turvy world. I am a mum of three kids – S12, D11, D8 who live with me full-time – their father is on the other side of the world. I have been in a relationship with my partner for three and a half years. Both our marriages broke up in 2003 and we spent nearly three years alone in our respective arrangements – me with my three … Continue reading