Brilliant Move Spotlight-1

So I’m thinking, how about a “Brilliant Move Spotlight” day?

I’ll share my narcissist’s Brilliant Move, and anyone who’s inspired, can share theirs.

Ready? Drum roll please….

He snipped the dog in five places when he trimmed back her coat. He’s not a groomer. He is an asshole.

Most were small in diameter, but obvious cuts, snips – not scrapes. But one was so large, it was a good half inch across – on her chest, where there really wasn’t anywhere near as much hair to cut as the other areas of her body.

Now, to give a dog that close a haircut, to where you’d go down to the skin, you’d use a shaver. Not scissors. But he used scissors.

Brilliant Move.

You’d think he’d stop after the first time she bled. Maybe by the second or third time, he’d realize that gee whiz, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

And I can’t believe she’d just lie there all relaxed, while he’s cutting her skin with scissors. He had to have held her down – asserting his dominance, no doubt. Because of course, she was defying him – not reacting to anything wrong he might have been doing!

He continued until he snipped off a chunk of her skin so big not even he could deny the stuff flowing from her chest was blood.

When I went to pick up my daughter, and got the dog, he explained to me it was so hot he wanted to make her cooler, and he didn’t realize he snipped her until he saw her chest. This was done without my daughter present, and after he was done with her, he told my daughter not to touch her. Presumably so she wouldn’t freak out when she saw the bleeding.

Oh, did I tell you he did that once to my daughter as well? Yup. She had a bandaid on her she couldn’t pull off. So he pulled up on the bandaid and where it was stuck, he took a pair of scissors – a regular freaking pair of scissors and cut the bandaid off her skin. Which worked great. The bandaid came off – with a piece of skin. She jumped and screamed. He said “What???” with annoyance, and then she showed him her bleeding arm.

Brilliant Move!

If he was too stupid to realize ahead of time that you don’t use scissors to separate tape from skin, that we’re not talking about surgical precision instruments here under the microscope, and if he can’t remember that another bandaid he was supposed to keep on her had slipped off, because he used too much gel, then you’d think he’d finally learn from the sight of blood from his own child’s arm…

Not to do this to a little dog, not to get too close to skin with a pair of scissors, which he should not be allowed anywhere near!

But you can’t tell him anything. He will insist on his way. He was defensive when he handed the dog over. And I knew – I knew that if I yelled at him and told him not to get anywhere near the dog with scissors again he’d be right at it the next time he got her. Because…


I suggested, perhaps next time, we should take her to the groomer.

That little dog shivered in my arms the entire first night I had her. I had a light blanket around her, as she’s always a little freaky, when I thin her hair out a bit in the summer. She has sensitive skin and is used to having a heavy coat, so it’s hard for her to adjust feeling air on her skin – never mind pain.

She’s better now.

I’m not.

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2 Responses to Brilliant Move Spotlight-1

  1. insectt says:

    Awww..I work in a grooming salon. We always use a shaver to remove mats.

    I hope your dog recovers quickly. Poor puppy!

  2. PhoenixRising says:

    You would think! I don’t work in a grooming salon, but it just seems to me it’s common sense to not use scissors for that…like I wonder if he’d shave with a pair of scissors, you know?

    Anyway, thanks, insectt. She is recovering both physically and emotionally, I think. When I first got her she was depressed for a day or so – though she usually is rather subdued, whenever I first get her – but giving her a little extra attention and care she bounced back to her loving happy self, as she usually does. Her scabs are, also, healing.

    Dogs are so forgiving.

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