Brilliant Move Spotlight-1

So I’m thinking, how about a “Brilliant Move Spotlight” day? I’ll share my narcissist’s Brilliant Move, and anyone who’s inspired, can share theirs. Ready? Drum roll please…. He snipped the dog in five places when he trimmed back her coat. He’s not a groomer. He is an asshole. Most were small in diameter, but obvious cuts, snips – not scrapes. But one was so large, it was a good half inch across – on her chest, where there really wasn’t anywhere near as much hair to cut as the other areas of her body. Now, to give a dog that close a haircut, to where you’d go down to the skin, you’d use a shaver. Not scissors. But he used scissors. Brilliant Move. You’d think he’d stop after the first time she bled. Maybe by the second or third time, he’d realize that gee whiz, maybe this isn’t such a good idea. And I can’t believe she’d just lie there all relaxed, while he’s cutting her skin with scissors. He had to have held her down – asserting his dominance, no doubt. Because of course, she was defying him – not reacting to anything wrong he might have been doing! … Continue reading