Gracious and Self Serving

“I was happy with you.”

That’s what he said. No lie. You see, he had a fight with his girlfriend. She had offended him…actually, his cooking…by making an observation that her child was having a hard time chewing on a piece of meat he had cooked.

This of course, meant she really meant to say “You incompetent piece of shit! You cook like crap. You can’t do anything right!!!”

Which of course, any normal person could see that right away, and be royally pissed, which he was.

And he was going to break up with her. They weren’t going to be together anymore…except they were. I knew that, even though I didn’t care.

He was just really mad, and seeing what his options were, testing the waters with me again. “I was happy with you.”

We were on the phone, (he called under the pretense to talk about our child) so he couldn’t see me shaking my head. But I’m past the point of getting upset over these kinds of comments.

I laughed, reminded him the very thing he said to me was that there was always something with me (like close family dying of cancer – oh, the inconvenience!) and that he wanted to be happy.

He then said that things just kind of fell apart when we moved to the new house, as if I had just said nothing. (It was that damn house, you know?)

And that he didn’t blame me (like hell), that things just happened, nobody’s fault.

Gracious, yes? I guess. A self serving graciousness to pretend there was no verbal abuse or emotional abuse or cheating or lying. Convenient…

…and a slap in my face.

But it didn’t even phase me, except to just make me feel sorrier for his girlfriend.

I wasn’t taking the bait. Doesn’t stop a Narcissist from fishing, even if all he’s fishing for is momentarily feeling better.

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