Narcissists take everything personally – EVERYTHING. Not being allowed to take pictures of your child during a performance is meant to specific deprivation just for them. That it’s common practice among artists, that flashing lights distract and confuse performers, especially young ones is totally irrelevant. It’s an assault against their rights. Common business practices, charges for services – they are meant to cheat the Narcissist out of his money. That it might cost them…and everyone else something is not the point. It’s a plot. It’s a personal affront meant specifically for them. Life’s simple hassles, people’s general selfishness or even just general practices that don’t please the Narcissist are all personal affronts. This can make it hard when you want to bring your child into the real world, when you have to deal with teachers and institutions, even as a homeschooler. There’s music lessons, art lessons, dance, homeschool co-ops, apprenticeships – anything and everything that deals with other human beings is a potential affront. To a Narcissist it’s all about ME. That glorious, wonderful number one first person. What’s sad, is that kids can be plucked out of their favorite classes, because some teacher looked at them funny or simply … Continue reading