Control or Self Centeredness?

Okay, so yesterday I met my dd to tutor her. Her father knew she’d have to get up early, and that she’d be engaged in learning activities. When we started I noticed she was reading slowly, almost laboriously. Then she would start to yawn, and it was evident she was having trouble concentrating.

I asked why was she so tired. She said they had stayed up past midnight…watching movies.

He resents having to drive her to town for me to tutor her. Doesn’t matter that it’s because he has neglected teaching her, himself, and that I’m picking up the slack for her benefit. It’s an intrusion on his time.

But he’ll show me. I can’t tell him what to do when she’s with him. I can’t take away his staying up late time with her.

And then maybe it has nothing to do with him showing me anything. Maybe it’s just good old fashion narcissistic selfishness with no regard for how it would affect his child. It’s what he wanted to do. Damn the consequences….especially when it’s not him paying for them

Maybe it’s both.

Anyway, I had to vary the activities, take her outside, feed her (because she had virtually nothing to eat for breakfast – just one sugar laden pop tart) and encourage her to keep focus. She did all right, considering the circumstances.

A narcissist’s self-centeredness never ceases to amaze me.

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