I snapped

I feel so bad. Yesterday I was so tired. I had been on the road the previous day for over four hours. It was the end of the week and I was tired from work, taking care of a sick friend and homeschooling my daughter. Yes, I homeschool her.

How is it homeschooling a child with a narcissist co-parent? – A nightmare.

But I do it because she needs it. Because of her learning style and way she processes information, the schools really can’t meet her needs and she’d either be incorrectly diagnosed or fall through the cracks. Plus, we belong to a wonderful supportive co-op, and I won’t take that way from her. But thats another post.

For now I want to express my guilt and sorrow over having yelled at her yesterday, two different times. It’s ironic, because I had taken her to a day camp to help her deal with her emotions and handle anger and stress. I think the wrong person went. It should have been me.

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