Today I leave to get her! I’m so excited 🙂

It’s so hard to drop her off. I know she needs me. In many ways I need her. There’s so much I would not do for me, so many times I would have given up and just laid down and die.

The losses of being with a narcissist are great, and the longer you remain the higher the price. Over a decade of my life…and with this one! There have been other lesser narcissists, or perhaps it seems they were lesser because the cost didn’t include my relationship with my children.

But I know there are many women who have hung on for two, three and more decades to one blood sucking life draining narcissist, hoping for a change or losing all hope altogether, in even themselves.

But I know I have to do my best to give her a better chance. To help her to define, to recognize and to know always, that she deserves better. To really know that, not just mouth the words like me.

In a few moments, I will see that light in her eye when she sees me. She will try to refrain herself from being “too” joyous, but she does not always succeed. Nonetheless, when we drive out of sight, that’s when she will let out a victory yell! “We’re together!”

And I burst out laughing unable to contain myself at her joy.

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