Why Does He Do This?

Why can’t he just say he’s changed his mind? Or he feels differently about something? Instead, he just makes up a scenario and acts as if it were truth – and expects you to accept his premise, not matter how off the mark it is.

He will totally rewrite the past to suit his needs. Doesn’t matter if the two of you had discussed and agreed upon something. If he wants it to be different, then the next time you see him it will be different. And if that disorients the hell out of you, so much the better for the narcissist.

For instance, yesterday, I told him I would add to her curriculum tomorrow and would tutor dd for three hours today, instead of the one and a half hours. I told him this would enable him to not have to turn around so quickly to drive back into town and pick her up. He had expressed wanting that last week, so he was pleased I “gave in” this week. Actually, this decision was based on what was best for dd, but I don’t care what he thinks. If it makes it easier for me to teach my dd, then so be it.

So anyway, he was fine with this arrangement yesterday.

But this morning, when I met him at the library, he had a book in hand and stated he was going to go in with us, since I was only going to be teaching her an hour…Right?


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